Bringing your memories of a life well lived to the printed page is the best gift you can give your children and grandchildren. Let us help you with your own "emotional archeology."  We all have stories to tell. If we don't write them down, they will be lost forever. Until you begin the journey, you will never realize how many valuable lessons you have learned, lessons that should be shared with others.

It doesn't matter if you want to share only with family and friends, or publish for all the see. Call or email me today and let's get started.

Don't let your stories die. Get them in writing so future generations can learn from where they came.


Contact me today so we can get started.


What better gift for a parent or grandparent than providing them with the assurance that their stories will live on through you and your children and grandchildren.

Our goal at is to help you tell your story,  whether you have written a little or a lot, or nothing at all. We provide professional but personal, one-on-one consulting services, editing services, as well as typing and transcription.

Typing is not your thing? No problem. Our transcription services include personal interviews, standard or micro-cassette as well as digital recording.