Typed and/or Edited the following works:

The Giving Vine - By Francis Padilla Brady

Dave and the Street Person - By Catherine Morgan

An American Hero - By Catherine Morgan

Elders on Love - Kenneth R. Lakritz, Ph.D. & Thomas M. Knoblauch, Ph.D.

Why Your Depression Isn’t Getting Better - By Michael R. Bartos, M.D.

100 Harvests - The Pelissa Family in the Napa Valley - By Anthony Kilgallin

Good Guys Finish First: Reflections of a CEO - By C. Paul Johnson

The Colonel's Marvelous Adventure - By C. Paul Johnson

Birds of Sonoma County, California - By Gordon L. Bolander & Benjamin D. Parmeter

Our Garden - The Golden State - An Anthology - By Ralph Milton Ingols

Back of the Beyond - An Anthology of Memories - By Ralph Milton Ingols

A Bathroom Guide to Baby Boomers - By Kathy Casey-Kirschling, Jim Loretta & Patti Biehler

The Incredible Life of Chicki Downs - By Marian L. (Chicki) The Bra Lady Downs, as told to Dona Bakker.

In 1976 I began my secretarial service. In the course of my career I have typed and edited numerous books for local authors (partial list below). I have also self-published my own memoir of my childhood, living in the Napa Valley (Run of the Mill - A True Life, Napa Valley Adventure. I have coauthored St. Helena High School - Circa 1940-1972, a tribute to the late Ralph Ingols, former educator at St. Helena High School. I have coauthored two novels with Tami Riedeman - The Golden Road - French Wine or Moonshine? and The Golden Road Detour. I have recently completed writing biographies for Kathy Casey Kirschling, the first baby boomer, and The Incredible Life of Chicki Downs.

I have also e-published a short book on my writing and self-publishing experiences (Writing and Self-Publishing: One Author's Journey).

In December, 2015 I earned a Certificate of Course Completion in Proofreading and Copyediting 101 from Universal Class with a score of 98%.

In my spare time, I enjoy cycling, tennis, walking, reading, writing, and volunteering as a tutor with the Napa City/County Library Literacy Program.

I am a native of the Napa Valley where I make my home with my husband of  40+ years. We have two grown children.