French Wine or Moonshine

                 By Dona Bakker & Tami Riedeman

 ~Two very opposite characters, Grandy and Bernice, find themselves rooming together in a retirement home. Bernice is in love with a certain game show host and the other is a bit eccentric, to say the least. The two travel to Los Angeles to be on the game show, win a motor home and escape the retirement home in the motor home for a better life. Join them in their travels, as they visit the most unusual landmarks across the U.S. Find out if they can stay one step ahead of their children and, of course, the ex-husband who wants his half of the motor home? A real page turner with a surprise ending. Read less

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~ABOUT THE AUTHORS - Tami and Dona met in church in Napa, California over twenty years ago. Three years into their friendship, Tami moved out of state. One would expect a friendship of such short duration to fade off into a Minnesota sunset; but a mutual effort was made to keep their relationship strong, despite the miles between them. While they are total opposites in many respects, their love of the Lord and never ending humor have brought them even closer as they began to create this fictional story. They learned early on in the project to draw from each other’s strengths, as well as their combined 100 plus years of life experiences. No two friends could ever have so much fun together, while being so far apart.

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~The adventures of Grandy and Bernice continue in the sequel to The Golden Road - French Wine or Moonshine. Join the two zany retirement home escapees as they travel up the Pacific Northwestern United States and across to the Midwest in the motor home they won on a game show. Their story picks up where The Golden Road - French Wine or Moonshine? left off. The ladies’ continually clashing personalities, a few disgruntled family members, and other eccentric characters they meet along the way keep the reader rolling in laughter. There is a twist in the story, however, a detour of sorts, which perpetuates hilarious family dynamics in both Texas and Minnesota. Not even Grandy and Bernice could have predicted the surprise ending.

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